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Spring 2008 Discuss Fitness Newsletter Introduction
Written by pierini   



Thank you for your patience. Here is your belated Discuss Fitness (DF) Spring 2008 Newsletter. In this issue:

  • We spotlight minime, a DF member since April 2006. Miss minime takes her fitness seriously and maintains a very active training journal in the Online Journal forum. If you take your fitness seriously too, then read what minime has to say in our member spotlight article FITNESS ACCORDING TO MINIME.
  • It is truly a sad sight to see an athlete riddled with nagging to serious injuries from a lack of mobility and technique. This is especially true for athletes or fitness enthusiasts who incorporate advanced Olympic lifts into their workouts. DF member trainerty is a big believer in the idea you need to crawl before you walk. He shares the top three aspects you should know when training with the Olympic lifts, but his ideas and recommendations are also helpful for the traditional bodybuilder, powerlifter, and CrossFitter. Read what trainerty has to say in his DYNAMIC DRILLS FOR OLYMPIC LIFTS.
  • DF member standAPART shares his professional trainer wisdom with his thought-provoking article FIVE EXERCISES EVERYONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO PERFORM. Before you rush over to the bench press for a Monday universal bench press day workout, spend some time doing the exercises standAPART outlines in his article.
  • Are you tired of your morning oatmeal? DF member IronMan is. He has been eating oatmeal everyday for the past 4 years and he tells us he is getting tired of its taste and texture. But fortunately for him, and you, he has stumbled upon a fairly simple solution to his problem. It is a breakfast that is full of oatmeal’s goodness as well as being packed with protein and even some Omega 3’s with a great texture. I'M TIRED OF OUTMEAL! reveals IronMan's secret.

To read each of these articles, go to the left sidebar Latest Magazine section and click Spring 2008 - Issue #5. Enjoy!




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