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  1. Weightloss 101
  3. Crunches on Bed.... good or bad?
  4. work out routine
  5. New Gym Membership... its a start!
  6. Ok.. What you call this?
  7. Begin Jogging
  8. Short Question About Treadmill
  9. Help, Tabata just kicked me in the throat!
  10. can't isolate my abdominal muscles!
  11. crunches/lower back pain
  12. Good Ab Workout
  13. Beginner Workout/Diet questions
  14. cheeks of steel...
  15. Cardio and Weight training all in the same day?
  16. Hack Squat Headache!
  17. Am I on the right track??
  18. Obliques.........how do I train them??
  19. From a new beginner using P90. Doing well but I need your help. Please.
  20. Looking to loose the beef...
  21. Sit-Ups with a belly...
  22. This is a new one: Regarding riding a bicycle
  23. New and need some advice...
  24. Knocked out of action! :*( What to do?
  25. help with muffin top.....
  26. Knee pain and ITB Syndrome
  27. Goblet squats ?
  28. Getting cut while using creatine
  29. Motivation? Consistency?
  30. Blood Pressure
  31. Advice please
  32. Trying to burn fat and get slimed.
  33. Where to begin
  34. Rooted like an oak, growing like a willow
  35. I started to get fit in a low cost way
  36. Looking To Gain
  37. minimal available time, what cardio exercise would maximize my time
  38. feedback on method
  39. 2 questions
  40. When do happy feelings come out