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how long do bodybuilders workout?

Just a question that I was curious about. If a 3 day split is best for hypertrophy, and only doing 2-3 exercises for each body part, this equals maybe an hour max in the gym each day right?

I read or heard from somewhere that the people in the magazines spend hours in the gym EVERY day.. What's up with this?
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they have advanced trining schedules. That and their body's can take that much abuse, as long as it gets enough rest. either that or their sycho
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Yup and im sure all the steroids help a little too lol
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I think you'll find that most body builders do not spend HOURS in the gym everyday. There is no benefit to staying in the gym for 4 hours a day unless your name is "andre" You can be super intense and get a hell of a lot done in an hour, hour and a half if you want to, workouts that would put you on your ass when you got done.
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They might go twice a day but usuaully not for more than 1-1 1/2 hours.
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Plus some people that say they spend hours in the gym, there the ones that talk and chat with everyone and are not working out the whole time. If you put your mind to it it shouldnt take that long. I know after i work out for an hour im beat and know that im gonna feel it the next day.
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Guys arnie used to train twice a day !!! so that would be multiple sessions.. And as you guys pointed out STEROIDS are the answer to their ability to do this, becuase with steroids it allows their body to recover over 2x faster than normal individual and also muscle builds twice as fast or more, so that is why they can spend more time! i think
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body builder, body builders

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