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I can't get rid of fat around my middle

This is what I currently do: Sunday: run - 4.5 miles, Monday: body pump class, Wednesday: circuits, Friday: body pump. Diet needs improving: porridge oats for breakfast, tuna or chicken salad sandwich, prawn pasta salad or sushi for lunch, dinner is maybe quiche or low fat kiev and salad, pasta. Snacks would be probiotic yogurt, apple, chicken. I have Maximuscle promax diet. Would usually have this after body pump with an apple. Workouts are usually late at night - 7-8ish and I probably wouldn't have any dinner those times as it's too close. Just something say about 4ish. I have noticed a difference in the 3 months since I took up running but I was training for a 8k run and was running x3 a week now I only manage 1. I would like to keep to 3 runs and still fit in the classes but I have 2 children and feel bad leaving them at night esp. on the days I work. I am a size 8 (US4?) and am small but I still have rolls of fat. Why is this. Why do you lose weight but still have the rolls of fat that spill round your middle. It is so depressing. Can someone point me in the right direction.
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Have you had a bf test lately? I am wondering if it is fat or skin.

If it is fat then you should know that there is no targeting one area.

Have you calculated your BMR? All your calories through the day? Macronutrient profile? These are all very important things.

Need more info. If you havent done these things though, get them done and get back to me.
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I have loose skin at the front but not anywhere else. Need to tighten this area up. I have not got time nor the inclination to do a macronutrient profile. I would say I should try to stick to about 1500 cals a day but I don't count how many calories I have eaten. My body fat in the past has been 19% but it took a lot of effort to get it there. I would say now it is in the early 20 range. I have noticed that I can get my body fat down with spinning classes they seem to do the trick but the times at my gym I cannot fit 2 in a week. I am going to try weights and HIIT afterwards x3 a week with a long run on Sundays. I try not to weigh myself but go by my clothes but I would say am around 8 stone 9 and am 5'1.
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Fat from the tummy is the last place to get rid of fat and the first place it sits on the human body.
Yr diet seems ok to me.
Running and cycling are my favourite fat burners.
Just keep at it and be patient and dont miss meals or cut cals to much or yr body will slow down its metabolism and then getting rid of fat will be like trying to put a condom on an elephant
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Like that description!! Will keep at it and hope that sticking to a good diet and exercise as I try to do one day on one day off will do the trick in time
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well try to avoid lot's of high calorie and intake high protein food as much as possible. I advise in the morning breakfast have 3-4 boiled egg whites along with that have a glass of milk. This will surely has an impact on the body for building muscles. As you mentioned there is fat in middle fat , press heavily you could able to loose .
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chicken salad, fat burn, spinning class

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