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Shoulder rotation pop/slight pain

Hi all. I'm having a wierd shoulder popping thing in my left shoulder. If I merely rotate the shoulder around (do a windmill with my arm) I get a couple pops. It'll do this everytime. My right shoulder doesn't do this at all.

At first I just dismissed this as gas release and didn't pay attention to it. But lately, when I've been doing dumbell tricep curls it is really starting to become painfull enough that I stop my third set. The pain occurs as a sharp pop instead of just a regular pop. This is really the only excercise so far that agreviates it.

So what is going on? Should I just lay off it a while? Any kind of joint stretch or procedure I can do to help it out?

It really isn't bad enough so far that I think I would need to see a doctor but if it continues obviously that is the smart thing to do.

All advice is apreciated
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Well, you're right with regards to most "pops" are merely gas release, and when they are not accompanied by pain, are usually not of concern. It's when pain comes along with it that flags get raised.

You could try to focus on your rotator cuff muscles, strengthening them up. The exercises will help encourage strength through full ROM's. Some of the best exercises I know of involve plyometrics like therabands, or very, very light DB's.

You may also (in addition) consider not doing that one exercise that tweaks your joint, and just do other tricep exercises which do not cause pain.
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