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sore wrist from HEAVY bicep curls?

hey all, i have been doing the whole less reps/heavy weights routine lately and with the bicep curls i've found a pain in my wrist on the underneath side (palm upwards). what is this? too much weight?
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Could be a strain, only way to know is to take some time OFF. If it's strained, even dropping the weight may prevent healing.

You use your wrists in all your movements though, so letting it heal may mean time off from everything but cardio.

If it's just curls then it's probably your technique and jumping too high in weight too fast.
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Are you using an EZ-Curl bar? If so, you need to make sure you do not grip it in a way that makes the weight extend further than it would were you using a straight bar.

To see if you're gripping it correctly, grab a light EZ-Curl bar and curl it half way up until your forearms are parallel to the floor. Are the curves in the bar straight up and down? (90 degree angle to the floor) They should be. If the curves in the bar are parallel to the floor, you're holding the bar in a way that puts extra strain on your wrists.
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Lee J B
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Many people make this mistake, they jump into heavy bicep work forgetting that their lower arms and wrist are nowhere near ready for it. Remember, heavy bicep curls can be just as dangerous as heavy bench press's when your wrists can't support the weight, go too heavy and you'll break your wrists...it's true, it happens. Build up to the heavy weight slowly and do some wrist exercises and forearms exercises. A good one is, take a bucket of wet sand, put your hand deep down in it, and open and close your fingers into a fist shape and back out....the resistence of the sand does wonders for you, believe me.
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