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is brown sugar good for you?

Hi guys!!
Well I heard that it is good idea to avoid white sugar.
So... I guess that means take brown sugar instead??
(Well, It could just mean don't take sugar at all...)
Is brown sugar good for you? If so, why?
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I don't think that brown sugar is much better than regular sugar. What do you use it in? If it is tea or something of that nature then you would be better off with honey. Still a type of sugar, but at least it has a few more nutrients in it. Your best bet is to get along without using any type of sweetners. Unless you are making cookies, cakes, pies, or candy! yum!
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Thanks IronMan.
Yes, I use sugar for caffee and tea. And I thought if brown sugar is better than white one, I will use, but maybe I will try honey!

I also love baking too! YUM...!
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Years ago, I used to put a 2-3 teaspoons of suger in my tea and coffee. It took me almost a year, once i decided, to slowly eliminate the sugar and half/half totally out. Also started drinking green tea which needs nothing added to it.

As I've said before, for a number of reasons, white sugar is evil.
Honey is a better substitute if u have to have a sweetener.

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I just love coffee..! I like green tea too.
I'm putting about 1 teaspooon of brown sugar right now.
I have to try honey!
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brown sugar, green tea

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