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Time to Bleed!
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is there sugar free Jello without Aspartame??

I was wondering if anyone knows if Jello without the cancer causing sweetener exists??

sugar free jello is a great sugar craving stopper... plus it has maltodextrin...

anyone know??
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Lady C
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You get two choices - regular sugar loaded kind or the apartame sugar-free kind. Make your own with Knox gelatin and your sucralos syrups.
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I don't think they consider the aspartame a cause of cancer, I thought that was sacarin (sp?)...you could make your own sugar free jello and use splenda instead...but I think the only way to cause cancer from Nutrasweet is if you give a 3 lbs rat 5 lbs of nutrasweet in one sitting....
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Some people don't necessarily get cancer, but have other side-effects, like headaches, stomache aches, etc... I personally don't eat it just because I'm trying to stay away from artificials.

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