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how to breathe for pull/push ups ...

Hey all, is anyone able to tell me the way in which I should breathe while doing pull ups (using bar connected to door way) and push ups (on knuckles) to gain most from the work out.

Currently, for push ups .. I breathe out as I go down, and breathe in as I go up at the same rate in which I'm doing them which is usually very quick. As for pull ups I breathe out as I pull myself up, and breathe out as I lower my self. Am I breathing correctly? or should I be breathing slowly and not in sync with the repititions? ...

If anyone can point out any sites with information related to breathing during these workouts or any other for that matter (when stretching, running etc), I'd be grateful.
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The basic rule of thumb for breathing is to breath out on the hardest part of the exercise (i.e. breathing out when pressing a bench press up & breathing in on the way down)... So w/ push-ups, breath in on the way down and breath out going up. And for pull-ups you are doing it right...

The reason for this is when you hold your breath or taking a breath, it could decrease your range of motion by tightening up your muscles... Just think of how tennis players and martial arts fighters breath... Both "yell" or breath out hard with they go to hit the ball or someone/thing... I don't know if this is 100%, but this is the stuff that "I heard through the grapevine"...
I am not responsible for anyone that follows my advice...
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bench press, martial arts

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