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Bigger hamstrings, Squats or Deadlifts best?

Hi guys,

Im likeing the way my quads are developing, they seem wide from the front view and nice and curved from the side view. My problem is that my hamstrings are really really lagging, from the side profile my legs look quite thin. So, should I squat then deadlift? Or deadlift then squat? I prefer to do squats first due to greater strength at the beginning of my workout, but then I find my legs are a little tired for deadlifting so I have to lift a fair bit less than if I was to squat first.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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Personally, I can't squat & deadlift on the same day. I guess I could if I really wanted to, but if it's going to require that I use less weight than I can normally handle on the second exercise, I'd rather move it to another day.
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Good Mornings and Romanian deadlifts (you must extend the hips to incorporate the hamstrings properly) are two of my favourite movements for developing my hamstring strength.

- B.A.
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Straight leg deads always kill my Hams. I can't use squats to potential due to weak ass knees.
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stiff legged deadlifts are by far the best for hamstring development, imo.
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SLDL's are the best exercise for your hamstrings because they are a compound exercise (meaning you can use a lot of weight compared to an isolatory exercise like leg curls) and because they target your hamstrings.

That doesn't mean don't do squats though. Squats are the number one exercise for building your legs up so if you skip them, be prepared for some odd looking legs.

Do them both, get the best of both worlds.
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I agree with most here that stiff-leg deadlifts are the best for hamstrings; especially if you also do a knee-targeted hamstring movement (any hamstring curl will do). However, before trying on squats and deadlifts in the same session (which is a lot of work) make sure that you're doing full squats. That will make the hamstrings work harder and will allow you to tax them during your quad training.

Now, most people don't do enough hamstring and adductor work compared to their quad work (and definitely not compared to the work they do for shoulders) so I think it's good to keep a roughly 1:1 ratio of quad-to-ham work to balance things out. Think about it this way, what's more common, a hamstring injusry or a quad injury? So if you do those 5 sets of squats you'd better counter that with 5 sets of stiff-leg deadlifts.
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