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Updates to DF (Updated May 6)

Thank you all for your feedback and patience. This latest update to the forum introduces some requested features and also fixes some existing ones. If you have any questions then please post them in the 'Site News & Help' forum and I will reply as quickly as possible.

Chat room
The chat room is now back in action! In addition to fixing the code, I have also re-installed the stats feature so you can see how many people are currently chatting (it updates every 3 minutes). You can view the stats at the top center of any page on Discuss Fitness.

Thread preview
Thread preview is now enabled - this allows you to hold your mouse over any topic title and get a quick preview of what it's about without the need to open it. This was one of the features most requested in the Site News & Help forum.

Black dot icon
A black dot will now appear on the 'folder' icon of any thread that you are involved with.

Profile page
The profile page design has been cleaned up. For all of you who are Premier Members I strongly recommend you upload a picture to your profile and take advantage of this free service. For an example click here to view cursor's.

Signature length
The maximum number of characters for signatures has been increased from 128 to 200. However please be sure that you have read and understood the important signature rules before making any changes.

Number of posts
The database has recounted all user's post counts. As the forum continues to grow, certain threads are removed and this will have a negative effect on total post figure - so please don't worry if you find it dropping. Remember, it's quality not quantity of posts that counts

Image signatures and titles
The image signature function has been repaired and Premier Member group titles restored to the postbit template.

Please keep your feedback flowing - this site is only as good as its users
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