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Talking Summer 2007 Newsletter

The first day of summer is almost here! Time is truly flying, isn't it? The good news is our Summer Newsletter has been pulled together and has been sent for final preparation before it will be sent out to all of you - our anxiously awaiting members. This promises to be a great issue!

Our member spotlight will feature F-Mac - a very interesting individual indeed.

Firehawk has written an article about diet and nutrition from his experiences battling obesity. It is a very powerful testimony and it took a great deal of courage to write. He laid his soul bare for us in hope of being able to motivate others to a healthier lifestyle. :

Lastly our pierini has written a bodyweight training article complete with video demonstrations.

This is a members newsletter. We look forward to hearing what you want! Please send your requests and suggestions to a moderator or administrator so we can get started on our next newsletter!
Train the body as it truly is: one, flexible piece!

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