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I did consider Tabata Method. It doesn't seemingly quite fit my training endeavors (at least not at this stage). Tabata would cause too much lactic acid buildup too quick. It would surely cause my form for the final sets to fall apart quickly. IMO- I think Tabata method taxes the alactic energy system and aerobic recovery the hardest.

I hit the gym for about 25 minutes (including warmup, squats, and cooldown). I worked with 6 sets. It look something like this:
45sec rest
45sec rest
1min rest
1min rest
45sec rest

10 min low impact treadmill walk

My legs felt like jelly the first part of the treadmill walk. Right now, they seem fine. I was able to go to a 90 degree knee bend every rep.

Driving to the gym, I debated how close I should get to simulating sprinting (explosive reps, breathing etc.). I theorize that a sprint is to explosive and maximized load wise to attempt to truly simulate with some type of squat.
SO, I decided to let the tut sub for the max load/velocity of a sprint. Also, allow the increased range of motion sub for the sprints short but eccentrically demanding ground force contact and reaction time.

I'm still figuring out stuff with this individually, BUT I kind of hypothesize this::confused:

30 sec sprint = 2 minute of squat with 30%RM
20 sec sprint = 1.5 minute of squat with 35%RM
10 sec sprint = 1 minute of squat with 40%RM

every 10 sec = 1/2 a minute (with my endurance)
since time reduction calls for faster speed...5-10%load increase should suffice.

Still playing with it in case it rains me out again and I'm stuck doing squats.
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