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Originally Posted by seraphyne1
You should see the running as a kind of active rest, also you get short rest periods. The point for sprinting is this lactate thresshold build up. I agree with pierini, that running on a treadmill is much softer for knees and ligaments and I can know that as I have had torn knee ligaments. If I run on a hard surface (including track) I get severe pain in my knee to the point I can't barely walk without pain but on a treadmill I can run. I personally just gave up as I think for me personal there are more fun stuff for endurance than running.

If you have joint trouble on a treadmill it might be wise to let someone check you running style. Either you have a bad running style or you are too heavy for running. Than it might be wiser to chose another option like a bike.

But on the other hand, maybe it is like Pierini said, different strokes for different folks. You are your own best judge as you know your own body best. Just take care and enjoy.

p.s. you mention that you can do 200 bwe reps without any problem. Than why bother with the rest as you should be in a decent shape than. 200 reps (full motion to the bottom, not the parallel version) should take about 6 minutes do be done. Also take a look at scrapper's reverse squats where you start at the bottom and raise about 3/4 and do it at high speed.
I see your point. However, I have an actual specific goal to gain from this training. I should have explained this to give everyone a better picture. At this phase, I want to build up my lactic energy system and increase tolerance for high levels. I do not care for getting the most blood/fat oxidation possible.... nor do I wish to push myself so far that I am at my "critical" point and eyeball deep in acidosis (as with Tabata).

IMO and with some reading and observing: To get the effects I desire I will need to sprint for long bouts (20 sec-2min). I will need to be able to match performance or come close to matching it each I will need partial to full rest breaks (1-5 min).

It is pretty important that speed remains high so resting should be non active.

So, my needs are different than most, but if I can increase my efficiency with dealing with acidosis. I will be able to blow through prior strength and endurance PR (hopefully).

I'm pretty good with my technique with sprints. I do dynamic warmups and orchestrate my strength workouts around the mechanics of a sprint (build them glutes)

I will post my workout up and get some critiques fom you all. This is a smart crowd so it should be interesting.
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