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New Guidelines and Rules

In an effort to reverse a recent decline in post quality and some users behavior, we have introduced a number of guidelines as well as a comprehensive terms of use policy. Please review both of these documents before continuing to use the forum. Those of you who had signatures for example, will have noticed they have now been removed. You are welcome to re-build your signatures, but they must be in compliance with our new, stricter signature guidelines.
Don't shoot the messenger, i.e. moderators!
The forum's team of moderators are volunteers and work hard to ensure that Discuss Fitness remains an enjoyable and friendly forum. They do this job under the guidance and instructions set by the site admins, and ultimately by Geoff (the site owner). Some of the rules they agree with and some they don't, but in the end of the day it's us (the admins and myself) who are to blame if you don't like a rule - not the moderators.

Treat a moderator like a policeman who tells you a road is closed. It's not his fault the road is closed (it's probably the local energy company!) he's just doing his job. The majority of decent people would respect this and direct their anger towards the energy company, or better still just use another road and enjoy life!

So in summary: if you abuse a moderator because he or she is simply doing their job - then you are not welcome at Discuss Fitness. Having said that, both cursor and myself are always open to hear any genuine complaints about a moderator's conduct. This should be done via PM or email and not by creating a thread on the forum.

In related news, please welcome Jakanden to the moderators team.

Here's to the future of an informative, friendly and fun Discuss Fitness. :

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