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Welcome to your new Discuss Fitness

Dear DF Member,

We are very excited to launch DiscussFitness's new Home Page and the new functionality that comes along with it!

We see this as the initiation of a process... over the next few months we will be periodically releasing new functionality that we believe you will find valuable.

So what's new now?

New Layout - We've improved the look of the homepage. Do you agree? Please make yourself heard using the poll we have on the homepage!!

Articles - DiscussFitness now enjoys an integrated Content Management System allowing Members to author and submit articles related to the community. Articles submitted are routed to a Staff Member for review and she/he can then publish the articles and feature them on one of the various locations in the Home Page or the Articles Section.

You are welcomed to share your knowledge with all of us by writing an article… Each of us knows stuff that others could benefit from!

We will be granting a "Featured Author" medal to those that contribute articles. This medal will shine next to your avatar in recognition for your contribution!

Movie of the day – Our HomePage will feature a module with a new relevant video every day. Featured videos are selected from a pool of high ranking videos dealing with strength, health and fitness. If you'd like us to feature videos in other topics - we can do that. Please let us know.

Polls Corner – We look forward to hearing your thoughts on various subjects on which we will conduct polls every now and then. Right now – we would like to know what you think about the new Home Page. Please take a minute to let us know!!

Recent Discussions – A list of the threads with most recent posts is featured at the bottom of our new Home Page. We hope this will make it easy for you to identify active threads and contribute to them.

Sponsors – We are now encouraging companies and organizations to sponsor our community! As you will see – we're offering sponsors a fair amount of exposure to our members! You can help our community by referring Sponsors to us, and by buying from our Sponsors! Thanks!

This release was a significant technological upgrade, and while we've tested extensively, we thank you in advance for your patience in the event you run across any issues and would greatly appreciate if you could report these to us.

We hope you find the above useful! We welcome ideas on things that would make DF a better place for you.

Be fit and keep the pedal to the metal!

The DF Staff

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Thanks to all for taking the time to share your comments about the new forum. We appreciate it, both the good and the bad.

The technical difficulties thus far are normal with any change such as this and they will be resolved.

My experience is that it is quite normal for many to not like the new forum - after all it is a change and most of us are creatures of habit generally prefering the status quo or things as they have been. I remember a couple of years ago not liking the changes made at another fitness forum where I was very active. Then some time later I realized that I couldn't remember what the old forum looked like.

Some of you don't like the colors or the photos, but some of you do. We would go nuts here trying to make everyone happy. Changes will be made in both of those departments - that is relatively easy to do. A good platform allows changes to be made easily and this one offers that.

Keep the comments coming as they are helpful.
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