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Zeppelin's Pics: Day 1 of 90

...and so it begins. Here is my journal if you care to follow: http://www.discussfitness.com/forums...ean-36047.html

I will take pictures at the following intervals:

Day 1
Day 30
Day 60
Day 90

Here is Day 1. Be nice. [Not sure how to embed these in the thread where you can see them without having to click; fill me in if you know]

Front, hands on hips:

Front, flex pose:

Side View (the gut shot), arms relaxed, stomach relaxed:

Torso Twist, hands on hips:

Back, hands on hips:

Back, flex pose:
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Not that bad. Not at all. I know a lot of folk who'd say that's in shape and would dream of being where your at. Of course you, me and the folk of discussfitness want the best we can get right? From your routine it looks like you're doing a fair amount of cardio, core and bodyweight work. That's a great idea. It'll allow you to do it almost anywhere, and help the fat loss more a weight lifting routine would (typically). I'm sure you'll see results real quick.

good luck!
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Originally Posted by JMike
Not that bad. Not at all. I know a lot of folk who'd say that's in shape and would dream of being where your at. Of course you, me and the folk of discussfitness want the best we can get right? From your routine it looks like you're doing a fair amount of cardio, core and bodyweight work. That's a great idea. It'll allow you to do it almost anywhere, and help the fat loss more a weight lifting routine would (typically). I'm sure you'll see results real quick.

good luck!

I'm definitely focusing on losing body fat right now, and I will add more resistance later when I want to bulk up. I am still doing resistance training now, because I know that muscle mass aids in fat loss, but I am also doing a very cardio-intensive workout to shed some of this extra weight and lean up.

I think I'm fortunate to have pretty good genes and a pretty good frame to work with. My height and my broad shoulders are things you really can't get in the gym and give me a good starting point. I also already have a naturally tapered torso, which is good to get that V shape that everyone likes. If you take out that little spare tire, I'm not too far away as far as overall shape. I just need to shed some of the soft stuff and put some lean muscle in there.
My Journal:
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My Pics:
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latamdate review

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