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Common Discuss Fitness Abbreviations

Here is a list of common abbreviations you will see on Discuss Fitness. If you see an abbreviation that is not on this list that you do not understand, please PM a Moderator so we can explain it to you and add it to this list.

BB: BodyBuilding or Barbell
BF: Body Fat
BW: Body Weight
CF: CrossFit (see Welcome to CrossFit: Forging Elite Fitness)
CV: CardioVascular
DB: DumbBell
DF: Discuss Fitness
DL: DeadLift
DOMS: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training
HIT: High Intensity Training
HR: Heart Rate
HST: Hypertrophy-Specific Training
iso: isolation exercise
LBM: Lean Body Mass (bones, muscle, water, etc, i.e., Body weight pounds minus Body Fat pounds)
Macro: macronutrients (i.e., protein, carbohydrates, fats)
MetCon: Metabolic Conditioning (an exercise program focused on all-around general conditioning)
MHR: Maximum Heart Rate
p/c/f: Protein/Carbohydrates/Fats (refers to a ratio of each macronutrient present in an eating plan)
PL: PowerLifting
PR: Personal Record
PWO: Post-WorkOut
ROM: Range Of Motion (for a given exercise)
OHP: Over Head Press

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