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Red face Just Sayin' Hi


My name is Melanie and I was introduced to this forum by a friend of mine.

I'm gonna be 36 in a couple weeks and I'm just reactivated my gym membership. I've been out of the loop for a couple years at least.

I'm hoping that I can pick up some tips here.

I won't lie, I'm not even sure about how to get started again. So really, if anyone has any tips, advice, beginners work-out plans I am COMPLETELY open to hearing them...

I'm not looking for a miracle, I just want to maybe firm up a bit, lose a few inches here and there, and overall just feel like I have more energy...

Happy New Year!

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Hi Melanie and welcome to Discuss Fitness.

Just surf around and check out the various posts to get a flavor of what's out there that may provide you some starter guidance. Then ask some more specific questions and you'll get some good responses.

Also, visit the Online Journal section and see what some of the regulars there are doing. You might get some training ideas. Or better yet, why don't you start your own Online Journal as a New Year's commitment to your fitness.

Have a great day!
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Hey Mel, like Mr. P said, start a journal, post your stats and your goals. You will get plenty of guidance. There are so many ways to "firm up", which is just the girl way of saying, "burn fat and add some muscle".

Welcome aboard.
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