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I need a title!
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Anyone have that YUK feeling after workout

Just wondering if anyone has had that yuk or nausea feeling after workout?

I get this usually after a intense workout. Of course I am just getting started lifting so I might be overdoing it a bit.

Is there any supplement or anything besides getting use to it or getting in better shape that will help this Yuk thing?

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not for certain but make sure you are well hydrated water is a must man good luck :thumbup:
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After a workout I usually feel a lot better than I did and more awake than I was.
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It's just something that accompanies hard anaerobic efforts. In some people it diminishes over time, others seek it as an indication that they have worked sufficiently hard. Avoiding eating immediately before working out might keep you from actually vomiting but doesn't stop the nausea completely.
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Bring a puke bucket to the gym!
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After a hard run I feel a bit nauseated but it usually goes away after my cooldown and stretching. If it's still there I just keep stretching then go on to weights.
Live to Run, Run to Live
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It's also a sign of insulin shock and you must keep your glucose levels up or this will happen. I'm hypoglycemic, so I have to have some sort of high GI drink to keep me going, or I get sick and dizzy 20 minutes in. Also, stay hydrated, but dont drink too much water while working out. Just sip it here and there to keep your throat wet, but dont gulp down a gallon. This will make you sick too.
You dont want to eat a big meal before you go, but do eat a little carb snack to get your sugar up.
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Dr. Huge
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you're lifting too intensely, tis happened to me on really intense days especially if i try to combine cardio at the same time as anaerobic activity. also, doing too many situps too fast can do it for me, try lifting more weight, less reps, and shortening your workouts. good luck
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outthere mate, sometimes dizziness and nausea during and immediately post max exercise/performance could be due to the body prioritising "areas of most need". That is, if you were doing heavy legs for example, the body will sense the intensity and "divert" energy, via blood supply, to the area of most need. It will even shut down body systems superfluous to your current needs. eg digestive system, even blood flow to extremities. Hence cold fingers/toes, the feeling of nausea and dizziness esp during legs, as the blood flow goes "south".

Possible solution could be to move around a bit, stretch, shake arms, legs etc - keep blood moving around the whole body. Also watch what and when you eat before going to train. Stay hydrated and take your full rest between reps and sets
Hope this helps
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I need a title!
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Thanks for the great replies.

I had a pretty serious workout tonight just upper body. Kept the stretching and movement going thru it.

No Yuk tonight. I think I might contribute it the leg routines and I also have added a little cardio. to the routine in the past to warm up. I have started just giving cardio it's own day.

I was just wondering if that Yuk was caused by a deficiency in something that I should be taking, (supplement or something) I am taking a protein shake post workout and not eating much before the gym.

Thanks Again
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I bring a granola bar to eat on the way home. That usually helps me get over that feeling.
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