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Trouble Sweating

Hey, I am a very cardiovascularly active person. Swam for six years competetivily, ran for two seasons and just finished up a year of varsity crew (I am finishing my freshman year in college). I just gave up swimming the past year, and when I started erging for crew, something very physically demanding, I realized that, now that I am out of the water, I hardly sweat, even after the severist of workouts.

This has nothing to do with me not trying. At the end of workouts I find myself extremely overheated, and if I don't cool down with either very cold water all around the head (I used snow during the winter), I would get migraines.

As an educated guess, I assume that this is genetic, and that due to my lack of sweating my blood vessels in my head get overly constricted, thus causing a migraine. Also, through trial and error, I only get migraines after hard workouts without cooling down.

Anyway, to get to the point, has anyone ever encountered themselves or someone else with the same problem, and is there anything I can do to get my body to start sweating more?

All I can say is, damn my inferior natural cooling system - I hate migraines!


Smu2 ~scott
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A strong possiblity is that you are going into practice dehydrated. Your body is quite smart and will attempt to conserve all the water it can, thus limiting the amount of water you sweat out. Try increasing your water intake to 100-120oz per day and see what happens.

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^^^^ agrees... Dr Eric Serrano is a good friend of mine and my doctor, and he says take your body weight x .60 = what ever amount in ounces of water you should at LEAST get a day.
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I sweat too much!

Hey, I seen the sweating thread and thought i'd throw my question up. I get a mediocre hydration each day sometimes less and sometimes higher depending on the regiment of the day, but in any case I sweat awful. Within 2-3 minutes of activity i've got a small sweat ring below the collar of my shirt. I've used it to my advantage in high school basketball season becasue it gave me a "slipping" advantage. Currently i'm 6'1 and 223 lbs. and bench 230, and squat 370. I consider myself pretty fit but i have a lot of fat i'd like to get rid of. So my question is how much of an effect does my genetics, my weight, and my eating/hydration have on my sweating? I have a sibling and he sweats generally more than others but no where near as much as me, that's where i've drawn my genetic conclusion yet, my skin is prone to acne and have been through every medication and currently using acutane. I believe the sweat is the base of my problem, So to anyone who could give me some advice or an explanation of why and how i'd be very grateful.

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