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Thumbs down Spam

Please be patient with the spam problem on the board. Spam is rising at an alarming rate it is really chewing up the resources of the moderators as well as that of our server host. It is an internet wide problem and unfortunatley one we all have to currently tolerate. I'm sure it won't be long before serious spam killers are available, but until then please give the mods time to visit the board and correct the problem.

The overwhelming majority of spam is removed and the spammer banned within a few hours. That is an excellent response rate from an all volunteer staff. As nice as 24 hour monitoring by the mods would be it simply isn't practical. Your patience and understanding during this time will be greatly appreciated.

Try and think of your moderator staff as Marshalls in the old west. The territory they need to cover is huge and it is difficult to prevent the dastardly acts. However, they will come riding over the hill as soon as possible to clean up the mess. Kind of sucks, doesn't it? But its all we have for the moment. Hey! Try and remember that it took Clint Eastwood all movie long to track down and punish the bad guys!
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