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Summer 2007 - Issue #2
Bodyweight training
User Rating: / 16
Written by pierini   

Bodyweight-only training is strength training performed using your own bodyweight to provide resistance rather than barbells, dumbbells or exercise machines. DF Member pierini, a bodyweight-only training practitioner explains 4 different bodyweight-only training methods. Drawing on the talents of several DF members, pierini presents 7 video demonstrations of various bodyweight-only training exercises, and concludes his article by presenting a sample chest workout that includes all 4 training methods.

How I Battled Obesity
User Rating: / 9
Written by ! Alex !   

Longtime and well-known DF Member Firehawk writes a revealing article about how he battled obesity. Firehawk writes why he believes people let themselves get not just overweight, but obese. With true courage and vulnerability, he writes from firsthand experiences how he became obese, and then eventually conquered the obesity demon. Many lessons to be learned from this article so grab a pencil and pad and take notes

Meet F-Mac
User Rating: / 9
Written by brat   

We meet F-Mac, an up-and-coming powerlifter from Fort Murray, Alberta in the northern region of Canada. DF Moderator Brat had a chance to catch up with and interview F-Mac whose candid comments and disciplined training ethic makes for an interesting read. Grab a chair and get comfortable and enjoy what F-Mac has to share about himself.